Our offer

• Domestic and international transports with 24 hours monitoring via GPS and GSM
• Partial and full trucks
• Handling hazardous ADR goods
• Transport under controlled temperature
• Professional logistic consultancy
• Express service and deliveries
• Cargo insurance
• Competitive Rates

Meat Trans Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
should be your first port of call to organise the transport of your valued cargo
world-wide. As freight forwarders we have the personnel with the essential skills,
contacts and in-depth experience to source and manage all your transport needs.

Due to careful selection of our carries we can have various means of road
transport available:
Smaller vehicles:
to 1.5 ton, to 3.5 ton, to 5 tons
curtains, coolers / isoterms
Tarpa ulins / curtains:
length: 13,6m / width: 2,45m /height: 2,7m
capacity to 24tons, to 33 euro pallets (120×80),90cbm
Coolers / isoterms:
length: 13,6m / width: 2,43m /height: 2,5m capacity to 22.5 tons, to 33 euro pallets (120×80), 88 cbm, temperature: -22C to +15C
Mega trailers:
length: 13,6m / width: 2,45m /height: 3m capacity to 24tons, to 33 euro pallets (120×80,) 100cbm
Road trains:
length: 15,4m / width: 2,45m /height: 3m capacity to 24tons, to 38 euro pallets (120×80), 120cbm